By | June 20, 2017

The meaning of ‘mean’
The President’s “mean” comment, though, has not only undermined his negotiating power in the upcoming Senate discussions, it has also left House Republicans scratching their heads about how Trump could have sold a bill that he thought was “mean.”
Trump had applauded the last-minute deal that allowed states to waive requirements that insurers cover essential health benefits, and a key protection for people with pre-existing conditions known as community rating. It was that deal that ultimately brought the House Freedom Caucus on board, and it was that deal that left moderates walking away from the legislation.
This is a terrible health care headline for Republicans
This is a terrible health care headline for Republicans
But time and time again, in closed-door meetings, Trump tried to convince moderates that the House bill was the right way forward.
Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Texas Republican and member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, was flummoxed when CNN asked him what he thought of the President calling the bill “mean.”
“The one,” he asked, “that he had us come over and celebrate?”
Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate from Pennsylvania who voted against the House health care bill, said that many members were “taken aback” when they read what the President said.
“For those who voted ‘yes’ on the House health care bill, I suspect they will be a bit more wary on future high-profile, highly controversial matters,” Dent said. “They will be more cautious. It’s a fact.”
He added, “A lot of members in the House are unhappy about the comments particularly those who were ‘yes’ votes. You don’t have to be very bright to figure out how to write a campaign ad off that.”
And Rep. Lee Zeldin, a New York Republican who voted for the health care plan, said he heard “nothing anywhere near” the kind of analysis of the bill that Trump gave privately in a recent dinner with the President.
“There were no signs that he was anything other than full speed ahead,” Zeldin said, dodging questions about whether the comment hurts the process.

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