By | June 18, 2017

Patient dog

This is what the dopest eastern Producer shared on his facebook wall. Read below 

I no longer produce or work with #Just_Artists,  but with those who understand the meaning of the #Business.. Those who realize that music is money.. Some will    come kneeling and begging you to work for them with consideration, the same people will go about telling people you are a #hungry_producer,  that any amount is big in your eyes… If you are a #Procuder and you have not/did not witness this, omo you are just starting…. Some #Artists are good ooh, but some are there to joke with your carrier, promising you when they blow they will remember you, by you car, build house for you, even marry a wife for you… Am sorry if my post affects you in any way.. But the truth is IF YOU CAN’T RESPECT ME TODAY, TO HELL WITH YOUR TOMORROW… DAYS ARE EVIL NOW… ONLY GOD KNOWS THE REAL GEES….. 

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