By | July 9, 2017

Nigerian Man Kills Big Cobra Eating His Grandma’s Fowls (See Photos)

A man has narrated how he took the bold step to kill a huge cobra that has been eating his grandmother’s fowls. 

A Nigerian man has shared photos of a huge cobra snake he killed that tried to swallow his grandmother’s fowls. The man who posted the photos on Nairaland narrated how he approached and killed the reptile with the help of his uncle.

He wrote: “I Went to visist my grandma today, and just few minutes ago.

The fowls that usually sleeps at the orange tree behind the house started making loud noises.

Being the only man of the house at the time, i took it as responsibility to go and find out what causes the noise.

I approached the tree and flashed the torch i was with.

Behold what i saw!
One lenghty shiny killer.

I couldn’t tackle it alone, i went to the nearby hunter and told him what i saw, he shivered out.

Saying that he dunno what to do to snake on tree at night.

To cut the long story short.

Me and my uncle pull down the monster!”

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