By | June 17, 2017


People just love Evans for No reason. 
Nigeria’s Twitter has been set on fire with a #FreeEvans movement, as some people are demanding the release of the billionaire Kidnap kingpin Chukwudubem Onwuamadike alias Evans, their argument being that he’s not as corrupt as most Nigerian politicians in power.
He struck his victims when they least expected and demanded billions are ransom, leaving his victims’ relatives to battle with the pain of raising money to secure their freedom.

Not a few rich businessmen in Lagos, Edo, Anambra relocated for fear of being abducted by Evans & his gang. To escape from his dragnet, others fortified themselves with armed security operatives.

For this same Evans,some Nigerians on Twitter have asked that he should be freed because after all, Senate president Bukola Saraki was freed.

The #FreeEvans trend caused an outrage though. Read all the tweets below
Tweets coming soon. 

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