By | June 19, 2017

It was 9 weeks to our supposed wedding…I called the hotel that we were making arrangements with concerning the reception to tell them that i was no longer interested in making the reservations. Thank God I’ve not paid the money they asked me to pay. I called the person that was meant to print the invitation letters telling him to abort the mission. Other arrangements that was under my care were notified to stop. Some money that was already spent were nonrefundable. Soon enough, i started receiving messages from most of Ella’s friends and some of our school friends that were involved in the wedding preparations; most of the messages were abusive, some were asking me what was going on. I replied those that were reasonable and those that were abusive, I ignored. It was a hectic day for me. I never knew calling and texting could be so stressful. Tope called to check up on me. She insisted on being of assistance, so i sent the driver to go get things from her house for me. She prepared a nice meal and gave to the driver to bring for me. The food was really delicious and heart warming. My mum also ate from the food and confirmed she was a good cook. The next day, I woke up, asked God for his protection on anything that was going to place at Ella’s house and by 10am, i was in my way to Ella’s house with my mum. I had to go with her because i knew her help would be invaluable. On getting to Ella’s house, we met a whole nuclear family in the sitting room with scary faces. Ella was not there with them. I was really trembling. After the exchange of greetings, we sat in silence for about 5 minutes before the father of the house spoke up saying, “Adeoluwa, what has my daughter done to you that you’ve decided to put her in trauma what has my family done to you that you’ve decided to bring shame on my family’s name? Talk to me Adeoluwa!”….

“…talk to me Adeoluwa!” Unintentionally, i went down on my knees and started apologizing. I explained how I’ve always admired their daughter since my school days and how i always wanted her to be mine. I explained how i met Tope during my service year and how I got to fell in love with her; how i thought I’ve moved on without her; how i really meant to marry their daughter and how Tope resurfaced into my life with my son and how i could differentiate the kind of love I had for their daughter from the one i had for the woman i was willing to spend my life with forever. I told them that i would do everything i could to prove how sorry i was to their family. After speaking, there was great silence as i was still bowing my head and on my knees. “Get up my son, you’ve acted like a man and spoken like one. I truly understand your intentions and love for my daughter. it’s just too bad that it had to be my daughter that was the victim. I also know it would have been more terrible if this issues came up after the wedding has been done and traditional rites performed. You still owe my kinsmen a lot apologies and most of all, pray my daughter gets back to her feet soon enough. I forgive you and assure you that no harm would come to you from my family members. Get up my son.” The eldest son came and helped me rise to my feet. My mum stood up and thanked Ella’s father as she walked to console Ella’s mother who was seriously crying. Ella’s younger sister joined to also go console the weeping mothers. Sheyi walked up to me and apologized and I also apologized to him, telling him that i deserved what i got. I asked if I could see Ella but they told me that she needed her privacy so respected that. After spending some minutes there in their house, my mum and I took our leave. Saturday was scheduled for the formal rendering of apology to the kinsmen and I went there with 2 of my uncles and 3 other kinsmen from my father’s side. It was a successful and peaceful meeting. Ella still was not present in the gathering. All efforts to reach Ella was all abortive as she was not willing to see me or pick my calls. Her shop too was also locked for a month….


It was not so long, Tope wrote her Jamb exam and she passed excellently, this time around, getting a higher score of 278 than the last time. I was really happy for her. I took her to a nice restaurant to celebrate the success. Weeks later, she wrote the post utme and was given admission to study Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology in Lagos State university. The night she was given admission, i took her out to one nice restaurant, alongside my mum and Junior. Junior was now calling me daddy. In the presence of my mum, i popped the question to Tope – “will you marry me?” Of course, Yes was her answer and she was so happy that tears rolled down her cheeks. My mum took her from me and consoled her, wiping her tears and assuring her that everything is OK. I dropped my mum off before taking Tope and Junior back to their apartment. Junior slept off in the car before we could get home and on reaching home, i carried him up to his room. Getting to Tope’s room, she was already undressing. she dragged me into the bathroom and we showered together. It was a splendid night! We made love like it was going to be our last on earth. Slowly and passionately, we allowed ourselves drown into each other’s desires. We’ve never lasted that long with each other before in just one round. As we lay on the bed, she lay on my chest and after about 5 mins of silence, I asked her, “what about your mum and siblings?” There was no reply. I waited for her to talk but no reply for about 2mins. Then i raised her face and noticed she was sobbing quietly. She then said, “i miss them so much! I didn’t intend to be a m disappointment to my mum.” I m consoled her and told her that she was never a disappointment. I assured her that she would see them again and holding her close and cuddly to me like a baby she slept off. Lagos to Kogi is six hours and as early as 6am on Saturday, we set off to go see her Mother. We went directly to the pastor’s house where Tope once stayed and they gave us the address to Tope’s mother’s house. On getting there, we saw Tope’s mother outside (picking beans) and when we got out from the car, she stood up in shock, pouring her beans on the floor and immediately, Tope ran to her and hugged her. The two of them burst into tears and i just stood by carrying Junior. After the crying and hugging scenario, Tope came and took Junior from my hands and gave him to her mother. She hugged him tightly and cried the more. Finally, we all entered inside and Tope’s mother apologized for having chased her daughter away. She said she couldn’t reach her due to lack of communication medium and she also explained how terribly things have been for her since she left and also how she’s been trying to survive with Tope’s sister and the closed up restaurant. Tope’s sister came back that afternoon from hawking and was so happy to see us. We spent the night there and gave them the foodstuffs we brought for them. The next day, i gave her mum 350 thousand to use in settling her debts and getting back on her feet. We promised we would keep in touch and by 10am, we were on our way back to Lagos. Close to two years later, Ella got married and i was invited. I went with my mum, Tope, Junior and a gift of a brand new Kia piccanto car. I felt very happy for her and her family was very happy to welcome us all at the wedding ceremony. Two years later, while Tope was in final year, I walked her down the aisle…


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