By | June 18, 2017

Don n

Lagos based talented song writer, Artist,blogger and business man”DON N”

Has been posting on his social media about his fourth coming single. 

He told NB Official that the release date of the three singles has not been fixed but surely i will storm before the end of June. 

He further added that the single will drop first on (his official website) 

The names of tracks set to be released are listed below. 

  1. Never stop 
  2. Obodo bu igwe 
  3. Give it to me (featuring fanzy)

Never Stop : Never is a very wonderful song and it is so inspirational, The above mentioned artists did it all in that song titled NEVER STOP. 

Obodo bu igwe and Give it to me  those two songs are of same topic “LOVE” but they have different lyrics and delivery and also unique beats and producers. 

Expect the jam soon. 

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