By | July 6, 2017

Be Warned! This is How Notorious Badoo Cult Members Are Recruited in Lagos State

Residents of Ikorodu and Lagos State have been warned to be wary of the tactic used by members of the dreaded Badoo group to recruit its members. 

 Members of Gani Adams-led Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) and men of the Onyabo local vigilante who stormed communities in Ikorodu area of Lagos have revealed how the deadly Badoo cult members are recruited to attack and kill innocent people.

In a joint operation between OPC and policemen led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Operations, Lagos State Police Command, Mr. Edgal Imohimi, many of the suspected members of the cult group were caught.

The National coordinator of the OPC, Otunba Gani Adams said: “They use vacancy adverts, among others, to lure would-be Badoo members and they put up some (telephone) numbers. When you call the numbers, they will call you to come to their office and they will give you money for empowerment, like N250,000.

“From what we have gathered, they normally buy the (bloodstained) handkerchiefs for N500,000, N1m or N1.5m. A common man cannot afford that money. It is being organised by some prominent people.

 “The Lagos State Government plays partisan politics with the lives and property of people whereas the first duty of government, whether federal, state or local, is to make sure the lives of the citizenry are protected.”

He further said: “from our findings, there are reports that the Badoo group have been terrorising Ikorodu and its environs for the past two years. They have been killing people for rituals and some prominent Nigerians are allegedly behind this criminal act. From our findings, the Badoo boys don’t use guns or machetes. They use big grinding stones or pestles to kill their victims in the wee hours of the night. So it is sad, but now the police are investigating and we are supporting them with information and strategies to ensure that Ikorodu remains safe for residents.”

He then added: “Ikorodu has gradually become a safe hideaway for criminals. Of all the cultists in Lagos State, Ikorodu alone has about 30 per cent. That is bad. Unfortunately, secret cults have shifted their base from the universities to our homes. Artisans, like vulcanisers, mechanics and others are now members of dreaded secret cults. Young boys in their teens are being initiated into cults and that is bad and it is a very dangerous signal and threat to the security of life and property in our society.

“All these cultists are being recruited by prominent people in the society, especially politicians and leaders, who use them to perpetrate evil in the society.

“In this vein, we must do something to stop this trend, because it is going out of proportion. The public transporters, including their unions and associations, have to be checkmated.”

It has also been revealed that Badoo members now recruit new members by pasting VACANCIES FOR VARIOUS POSITIONS with LUCRATIVE AND ATTRACTIVE SALARIES for the public. People have been warned to be careful the kind of job interviews they attend in order not to fall victim to the antics of the cultists.

“These vacancies are usually printed on papers and posted at strategic locations in the state, with INSTRUCTION TO CALL THE PHONE NUMBER ON IT.

Once you call the number, they will tell you to meet them at a particular location for the interview. Once you get there, you would be forced to be initiated into the cult with instruction to go out and kill. Uncooperative job seeker are usually killed on spot. Please BEWARE OF ANY VACANCIES PASTED ON THE ROAD SIDE OR JOB AGENT.” the warning read.

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