By | July 1, 2017

– A 28-year-old man allegedly killed his sister and buried her body in the backyard

– The police exhumed the body of the deceased after they got hinted about her disappearance

Silindi Ncube, a 28-year-old man who is also known as Nda, has become a major suspect in the murder of his 26-year-old sister, Patience Ncube, whom he allegedly killed, wrapped in a blanket and buried in a pit at their backyard.

The prime suspect who hails from Bulawayo’s Old Magwegwe suburb is said to be on the run as police are doing their best possible in unraveling the mystery surrounding the death and the motive behind it.

The deceased was said to be a worker at a retail outlet in Entumbane suburb. The news of her death shocked residents in the area when her body was exhumed. The young woman was reported missing by her cousin, Miss Angela Tshuma, and her neighbors on June 15.

28-year-old man kills his own sister, buries her body in backyard

Police exhumed the body of the deceased from a pit at the back of their home.

Tshuma was said to have traveled to Esigodini when Silindi, reportedly killed his sister. The young lady said he lied about the whereabouts of his sister when she asked. He had goaded her into believing this by telling her Patience must have gone with a boyfriend as he claimed to have seen her leaving with someone in a car.

This story did not go well with Tshuma who claimed the deceased things were in the house. She felt it was unusual for her to leave without her cosmetics, shoes and personal effects. She reported the case at the police station and she was told an investigation would commence.

According to Tshuma, Silindi stayed in the house as if nothing happened then disappeared on Tuesday, June 20. Residents also helped with the investigation as one Mr Sithabile Mawere, a neighbor, said they became suspicious when Silindi was seen throwing an object into a pit early in the morning while the sister was missing.

The residents urged the police to dig the yard as they said they saw him dumping an object covered in sheet into it. The latter wanted to interview Silindi first. The police found two pits in the backyard; the first one was empty and this almost left them discouraged.

The unrelenting neighbors however urged them to keep searching based on what they claimed to have seen. When police officers entered the house, they found a blood stained pillow and this made them dig further.

While the search was on, they stumbled on her wrapped body. They took out the body the following morning because it was dark when they found it.

Neighbors gave their testimonies about the deceased. It was gathered that the siblings started living with their grandmother after their parents died. However, they became the occupants of the house when the old woman moved to her rural home in Nkayi.

According to them, Patience had always complained about her brother stealing from the house. They could not live in peace as the brother was said to be problematic.

The colleagues of the deceased were shocked by the news of her death as she was on leave and was expected to resume the day her body was found. They described Patience as a disciplined employee.

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